Running season is upon us. Get your feet marathon ready!

Good morning runners. I have been seeing a lot of patients lately with foot and ankle pain that have just started running and training since the weather has cooled off. The majority of what I see is overuse tendinitis, early morning heel pain, and tight calf muscles

This is something very easy to self treat. First, you want to use a towel or rope in the morning before you get up. Loosen that calf at your own pace. Throughout the day I encourage stretching by dropping the heels off a stair while holding on to the rail. Good running shoes and good supports throughout the day will also help

Along with stretching, taking care of those tendons will keep you running. You can do this by using theraband resistance bands to isolate and stretching each muscle group. Do this by starting with band resisting moving your ankle up, that will make front muscles stronger. Next resist going down, or the Achilles. You will do the same from the outside and inside of the foot to strengthen the inverter and everter muscles. Do this 2-3 times a day.

Foot pain is not normal so if the pain doesn’t go away after a day or two just take a few days off running and once pain is gone resume running, increasing gradually

If the pain does not go away with rest you may need to pay me a visit! Sometimes patients need shockwave, arch supports, physical therapy, or even stem cell injections if the pain if not going away with rest. These treatments can keep you on your feet and allow you to continue training with less down time. Check out our website for shockwave, inserts, and stem cell therapy to see if it is something you may want to consider

Dr. Zach Barnett

Bayshore Podiatry Center