Not all Stems Cells Created Equal

Stem cells seem to be all the hype and regenerative medicine is being thrown around everywhere. But does research back every claim. Science should be all that matters, and one company lives up to the hype.

I, Dr. Barnett, had the privilege to be a distinguished guest at the Amniox Stem Cell Educational Symposium in Denver this weekend. It was an intensive scientific conference about the vary broad term “regenerative medicine”. We looked at raw scientific data at the molecular level as well as clinical applications and antidotal discussions. Their product line is clarixflo and neox, a cryofrozen umbilical chord. Is their product better, only science can answer that.

Amniox has been around for over 30 years using stem cells in the eye. Their research led them to discover HCA-PTX3. This protein signals healing cells and turns off inflammatory cells. It is derived from umbilical chord that is cryofrozen. One of the most amazing slides I saw was basic stained slides showing it upregulated healing cells and completely turned off M1 macrophages, responsible for inflammation. No other product can prove such scientific data at a molecular level. Other studies compared them to other products on the market and number of applications. In one study on chronic ulcers the physician used an average of 1.2 applications of amniox compared to 6-7 applications with the competition. The data went on and on, and I’ll have copies in my office of each. Long story short, clarixflo and neox is far superior to anything on the market.

I learned that the ideal tissue to obtain PTX3 is umbilical chord and cryofreezing it maintains its integrity better than dehydrated.

This PXT3 protein is the key in tissue healing and reduction of scar tissue, pain, and faster recovery and better results. In foot surgery the results are amazing to reduce post op stiffness, reduce swelling, and limit need for narcotics.

This product can be administered in the office or operating room in two forms, neon graft sheet and calrixflo powder. We have these on the shelf and ready to use. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes and recovery is within a week.

I would put this product against any and urge you to come inquire about it, it could change your life

Bayshore Podiatry Center