Our Tampa Podiatrists specialize in treating gout



Gout is a systemic condition where your body either overproduced or under excretes uric acid and it then is distributed unusually into the furthest coldest joints, with the big toe joint being the most common. Gout can attack tendons as well but usually the joints are affected. The joint becomes red, hot, swollen and very tender to the touch.

Conservative treatment for gout includes pain relief via oral steroids or antinflammatories, joint injections and aspirations and offloading. Once gout is diagnosed typically primary doctors will manage oral control of uric acid buildup to prevent recurrence. Diet plays a huge role as well with focus on limiting purine intact in foods.

Surgery may include excision of gouty tophi and possible joint resection or joint fusion


Picture of chronic gout and damage to the bone from long standing gout attacks. This individual needed a washout and joint fusion to eliminate the pain