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Zachery Philip Barnett, DPM

Foot Specialist Dr. Zachery Philip Barnett
foot pain specialist zachery barnett, tampa fl

Curriculum Vitae

Board Qualified Foot and Ankle Surgeon


  • Residency University of Louisville, Kentucky One Health – PMSR-RRA

  • 2013 - 2016 217 East Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY 40202

  • Chief Resident Director: Timothy Ford, DPM 2015-2016

  • Phone: (502) 587-4011



  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) 2009-2013

  • Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Eighth at Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

  • Phone: (301) 990-7400


  • Bachelors (B.S.) 2003 - 2007

  • Texas Tech University, P. O. Box 45015, Lubbock, TX 79409


  • Licensed Podiatric Physician in the State of Florida: PO3799

  • NPI: 1306288584


  • Florida Hospital Carrollwood

  • Memorial Hospital Tampa

  • St Joes Hospital Tampa

  • Tampa Bay Surgery Center


  • American Podiatric Medical Association

  • Florida Podiatric Medical Association

  • American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery

  • American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery


  • July 2017-Current: Bayshore Podiatry, Tampa Florida

  • July 2016—June 2017: Atlantic Podiatry Associates


  • Rearfoot and Ankle Trauma – 4 months - Orthopedic Trauma –David Seligson MD University Hospital - Emphasis of fracture management/external fixation 2013-2016

  • Reconstruction-Foot and Ankle – 4 months- Todd Hockenbury MD – Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Emphasis on total ankle replacement, flatfoot, clubfoot, cavus, Charcot reconstruction, tendon transfers, revision surgery


  • Soft Tissue Reconstruction – 2 months Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery-Bradon Wilhelmi MD

  • Emphasis on wound closure and burns via a variety of flaps and grafts.


  • Wound Care- Daily exposure to surgical and nonop procedures at University Wound Center


  • Arthrex Advanced Fellows Surgical Forum-Naples, March 2016

  • Biomet Advanced materials and technique symposium-Warsaw Indiana April 2015

  • ISpies Summit- Novadaq-Las Vegas Sep 2015

  • Over 1100 cases logged as first assist in residency including 211 rearfoot recons

Lecture Presentation

  • Active Lecturer for City of Tampa, Fit2Run, Medicare, High school sports teams

  • Running Elements – “Get Your Feet Marathon Ready” January 2017

  • KPMA Scientific Conference – Louisville KY Speaker – Rearfoot Trauma Management May 2015

  • Orthopedic Trauma Fracture Conference –Lis Franc fixation- University Hospital

  • Speaker – Traumatic midfoot fracture management December 2014

  • KPMA Scientific Conference – Rearfoot Case Presentation at Level One Trauma Center –Lexington 2015

  • TAR versus Ankle Fusion- St Josephs and USF Orthopedic Journal Club Feb 2018

  • New techniques for ankle scope-Nov 2017 St. Josephs and USF Journal Club


  • SMI Summer Medical Mission Trip- North Philadelphia-2010

  • Active Volunteer First Presbyterian Medical Clinic and Food Bank

  • Lunch and Learns/Lectures to interest groups and primary care physicians

  • Hobbies- Cycling, kayaking, bbq, fishing, boating, fishing


  • Timothy Ford D.P.M., Phone 502-897-1616,

  • Paul Klutts, D.P.M., Phone 270-737-3338,

  • Todd Hockenbury, MD, Phone 502-363-0588,



Mission & Goals

No more club feet! Dr. Zachery Philip Barnett

Club foot can be caused from genetic mutations, spinal injuries, or in many cases idiopathic or no known cause. Many children are completely healthy with exception to an inward turned foot and ankle. In America the surgery can be done at once or gradually corrected with patients ability to walk and have a normal life. However, if not corrected that individual will be crippled and often unable to walk for life, completely destroying an otherwise happy healthy life.

As an undergraduate I explored going to Hope Hospital in Cambodia. It is a free hospital with the goal of treating patients and rebuilding a doctor population completely decimated during Vietnam and the “killing fields”. The hospital treats patients and trains Cambodian doctors on techniques and procedures that will sustain the country while providing trained doctors mission opportunities. I was unable to be used there at that time but it has always been a dream to go there one day.

In my training I learned extensive techniques in repairing club feet in children and adults. One unique surgical technique I learned is called progressive correction with external fixation. It is initially applied in the operating room and then adjusted in the office for gradual correction.

The external fixators, or ring fixators, are very expensive and can only be applied to one patient. They are perfectly fine after sterilization but can not be reused. My goal is to get donations and collect retired frames and ultimately take those to Cambodia and apply them to children and adults that can benefit from the technique while at the same time teaching local doctors how to apply and use the device. In the long run I hope to help Cambodia be self sufficient in surgically correcting club feet and help rid the debilitating disease to those less fortunate as us Americans.