Our Tampa Podiatrists specialize in CARTIVA® Implant for big toe joint arthritis



Dr. Barnett specializes in utilizing the most innovative, well researched, implant to come out for big toe joint arthritis, CARTIVA.

Big toe joint arthritis is a debilitating condition because every time the big toe joint bends it grinds bone on bone and causes edema, pain, and inability to walk with normal gait. This condition is usually a result of trauma, genetic deformity, or gait imbalance. The big toe joint is a small joint yet has the same force going through as the larger joints in the leg. Over time the wear and tear create a very stiff painful joint.

toe implant surgery for arthritis in tampa florida

Conservative Solutions with varied success include changing shoe gear, physical therapy, injections. All are geared to accommodate the problem and alleviate pain. No conservative treatment reverses the condition

Surgery has been a good solution but not without downsides. The gold standard is joint fusion, and in most cases works great long term but stiffens the joint completely and has some risk of nonunion and adjacent joint stress.

For years implants have had limited success due to design and added stress into an already small joint. No implant has great long term success and makes a revision surgery very challenging and risky.

Cartiva may have changed the paradign about how we treat big toe joint arthritis. A simple outpatient surgery, the procedure usually takes less than one hour. Dr. Barnett added a biological implant consisting of polymer and saline. Once implanted the patient can usually walk in normal shoe gear at 2-4 weeks.

Studies have shown 93% reduction in pain, 168% functional improvement and 50% improved range of motion.

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