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Is It Time For New Running Shoes? | Bayshore Podiatry Tampa, FL

Close Up of Running Shoes Feet in Pain Tampa PodiatristWorking out in old or worn-out tennis shoesisn’t just uncomfortable, it can cause serious chronic injuries and pain. Many people will overuse their shoes thinking that they just got them, but there is a limit to how far they can take you. Regardless of if you’re a weekend warrior, gym manic, training for a race, or even a triathlete, you need to know: when is it time for new running shoes?

As you use them, your sneakers start to lose cushioning, absorption, support, and stability. Exercising (particularly running) in older shoes may increase the stress you’re putting on your ankles, feet, leg muscles, and other joints. Here are a few can’t miss signs that it’s time to throw those old sneakers away and start using a new pair: 


Feeling unusually sore after working out in your current tennis shoes? Are your feet, hips, and knees chronically feeling aches and pains – even well after your workout? More than likely this is a red flag that it’s time for a new pair of shoes.

These pains are being caused by the loss of the support and cushion that was originally built into the shoe being worn down. When the shoe is no longer effective, aches and pains will continue to happen.Trust what your body is telling you, and it’s likely saying that it is time for new tennis shoes. 


Blisters happen, especially for runners and anyone who wears workout shoeoften. Blisters are common for those of us livingin excessively humid conditions (like Tampa Bay). The right socks may help to fix the blistering, but they also could just be a Band-aid on the true chronic pain culprit – your footwear!

If you have tried moisture-wicking, compression-style socksand are still getting blisters, this is a clear sign that your shoes do not fitproperly. Your running shoes may be ready for retirement.


Mileage matters especially to runners. In general, running shoes have a lifespan of 300 to 500 miles.You may be training for a race and are already keeping track of your mileage. Use this info to keep track of the life of your shoes.

Your sneakers take a beating because when we run, we land with nearly four times our bodyweight! When you think about it, you’ll strike the ground about 1,500 times in just 10 minutes of running. This will add to the wear and tear of your shoes plus you may be working out in other ways in the same pair too.

Got a new pair of workout shoes? While working out in old or worn-out tennis shoes isn’t just uncomfortable and can cause injuries, new shoes can also bechronic pain culprits! We’ll make sure you have the right fit and can exercise without pain! Contact Bayshore Podiatry today to book an appointment.


When it comes to proper fit for your tennis shoes, everything should feel like it is functioning as part of your foot. This is from the tip of the toe box, to the arch, to the heel. If your shoes feel like they are working against the natural motion of your feet or they are causing discomfort, then they are not the right pair of shoes for you.

When shopping for new running shoestryjogging around the store to make sure they are a comfortable option. If you’ve had foot issues in the past, then speak with a specialist to make sure that your feet are measured correctly for a good fit. At the store, the rep may not do the best job of finding the fit. You should immediately feel comfortable in your workout shoes, no break-in required.


When Did You Get Them? 

While you may not notice some or all of these signs, another general rule of running shoes (we mean thumbis it takesabout 45-60 hours before your shoe midsole is worn out. If you’ve been wearing the same pair for more than 6 months, it may be time to swap your tennis shoes.

Of course, as with many things in life, running shoes included, you get what you pay for. Shoes made with higher-quality materials do tend to last longer. But keep in mind that regardless of brand name or quality,when it comes to compression capabilitiestheir ability to absorb the shock of running strikes, plyometric, or jumping movements, will fail over time.

Take Them for a Spin 

Well, spin them around and look at them. One of the best ways to tell your running shoes are past their prime is to look. You can see pretty quickly if your exercise shoes are ready for the trash.

Remember: don’t just look at the treads of the shoe. We recommend also looking at the midsole, from the side of the shoe. If you notice signs of excessive wear or creasing—then it’s probably time to toss those tennis shoes and get fitted for a new pair. Trust us, your heeland the balls of the feet will thank you.

Press Test 

You can also perform a press test to help tell if it’s time to replace your running shoes. Simply, press on the outsole (the bottom) of your shoes. If it only gives little thematerial is highly compressed, and you need a new pair.

Old sneakers not only cause pain & discomfortbut can also lead to a debilitating sports injury. Be smart, trust what your body is telling you, and buy a new pair of sneakers!

Want to heal your heel and foot pain? It’s time to get properly fitted for new sneakers before getting a new pair of running shoes. Our local foot pain specialist will help alleviate the aches and pains so you can live a healthier lifestyle. At Bayshore Podiatry, we accept many types of insurance and have convenient appointment hours. Call our South Tampa podiatrists today at (813) 877-6636!  

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