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Ankle Arthritis is a condition where cartilage has been lost within the talus, tibia, and fibula making up the ankle mortise.

Treatment options include steroid injections, ankle-foot orthosis and custom braces, ankle fusion and ankle replacement.

Depending on condition, bone quality, and position many different methods can be performed by a skilled Bayshore foot and ankle surgeon.


Pre-op Ankle with Arthritis



Total  Ankle Replacement

Depending on ankle deformity, underlying medical condition, and age many different ankle replacements, or implants, can be performed to remove the arthritis and allow ankle motion to be maintained.

Joint sparing procedure for end stage arthritis with:

  • Less down time

  • Maintain ankle Range of Motion

  • Save other joints of foot



Ankle Fusion

  • Joint removing procedure

  • Gold standard for Ankle DJD

  • Similar long term functional score as total ankles

  • No need for further surgeries once healed

Example of 3 ways to fuse ankle - performed by Dr. Barnett

Preop Ankle with arthritis


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