The foundation of everything you do is your feet and ankles, which you probably don’t give much thought to.

Because of this, Bayshore Podiatry Center strives to provide patients with the best foot and ankle treatment possible. We know that when your feet are uncomfortable, your entire body feels uncomfortable and nearly every aspect of your life may be impacted.

To this goal, we’re constantly searching for new and cutting-edge medical procedures that can relieve our patients’ suffering. Here is more information on MLS Laser Therapy or Multiwave Locked System Laser Therapy, one of the most advanced and effective therapies we offer. It just might alter your life.

Everything about MLS Laser Therapy

Laser treatment uses focused light to encourage your body’s innate healing processes. When used skillfully, laser radiation penetrates deeply into injured tissue, causing cells to start repairing and regenerating. As a result, you suffer less discomfort and inflammation and heal more quickly, allowing you to resume your favorite activities.

Modern MLS laser technology transforms light into biochemical energy supplied to your tissues to hasten recovery. Blood flow and circulation are enhanced, and your capacity for healing is improved.

Our medical professionals can change the MLS laser’s numerous wavelengths to treat a number of illnesses. It is safe for all patients and is FDA approved. Also without adverse effects is laser therapy.

MLS Laser Treatments that are effective for some conditions

At Bayshore podiatry center, individuals receive MLS laser therapy for a variety of specific, aggravating diseases like:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Neuromas in the plantar fascia
  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Neuropathy
  • Hematomas
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Patients who have undergone surgery or who have a wound that heals slowly benefit from MLS laser therapy. The light energy works well and causes no harm.

Here is how you can make use of this cutting-edge technology

1.    The MLS laser therapy is reliable

The MLS laser’s output of energy is regulated and programmable. The podiatric experts adjust the strength and length of your sessions to maximize healing.

Your doctor programmes the device with just the optimum therapeutic dose for your specific treatment requirements. Future consultations can use the same dosage, giving you consistent results.

2.    The MLS laser is efficient

The FDA has approved MLS laser therapy and has a strong track record of reducing acute and chronic pain. Regarding pain relief, MLS laser therapy can replace prescription drugs because of its 85–90% efficacy rate. You can also recover from various illnesses without surgery, sparing yourself more discomfort and recovery time.

3.    It expedites the healing process

The MLS laser’s potent energy penetrates your skin’s surface to affect deep cells.

This speeds up cellular growth and reproduction in various tissue layers.

You have increased metabolic, vascular, and fibroblastic activity, which all contribute to a quicker healing time.

4.    The MLS laser enhances postoperative healing

With MLS laser therapy, your body recovers more quickly from surgery for bunions, hammertoes, or other foot issues. The use of MLS therapy also lessens the development of scars.

5.    The therapy is risk-free

There are no risks or adverse effects associated with MLS laser therapy. You don’t need to be concerned about dangerous medications or surgical infections. You receive risk-free healing and pain alleviation.

6.    Enhanced nerve performance

Often, damaged tissue obstructs normal nerve function. The MLS laser treatment enhances nerve cell connections and nerve cell function and slows the progression of nerve degeneration.

Because of this, MLS therapy is an excellent option for those with diabetic neuropathy. The laser alleviates discomfort and numbness and slows the condition’s development.

Individuals who should take MLS laser therapy

Many inflammatory foot and ankle diseases can be effectively treated without using medications with laser therapy. Since each patient is different, the best way to find out if the technology will be effective for you is to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled podiatrists. When paired with other treatments like physical therapy, electrotherapy, and massage, MLS therapy frequently produces the best results.

What to anticipate with MLS treatment?

The average therapy session lasts 10 to 15 minutes. Robotic control positions the laser approximately 8 inches above the treatment region. Little feeling is felt when receiving therapy.

As your condition improves, aim to visit us twice daily and weekly. Your treatment plan is individualized for you; typically, you’ll need 6–12 treatments. Still, regular maintenance sessions may be beneficial if you have a persistent problem like arthritis.

While most people feel better after one to three treatments, everyone’s body reacts differently to MLS Laser Therapy. If you have a serious disease, it can take six sessions before you start noticing a change in your symptoms.

Robotic laser therapy is available at Bayshore Podiatry Center to achieve impressive healing results. We invested in this technology because it accurately reflects the care podiatry treatments should offer.

Most patients require a total of 6–10 treatments for optimal healing and recovery. Over the course of a few weeks, we often provide these twice or three times per week. You can unwind while receiving care because the procedure is painless.

Any issues you may have regarding your feet or ankles can be met by our team. Contact our Tampa, Florida, office by phone at 813-877-6636. The online tool can also be used to make an appointment.

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