Your toenails may appear less beautiful and more like a battle zone due to a fungus infection, damage, or another ailment. You might choose to cover up your nail if it is thick, cracking, discolored, or perhaps has missing pieces.

There are solutions if you need to wear open-toed shoes to upcoming occasions or want to flaunt better nails than the ones you have right now. The KeryFlex nail repair process, which we conduct right here at Bayshore Podiatry Center, is one of the best.

Nail restoration system:  What is it?

To use the Nail Restoration System, the damaged nail must be removed to prepare the nail bed. The nail bed is subsequently treated with a bonding agent, and the resin is then put into the nail bed after that. The resin, which has a viscosity similar to gel, can then be molded and smoothed to resemble a natural nail. The sealer is placed once the resin has been appropriately set to seal the nail and make it non-porous and non-permeable. The entire nail is then exposed to UV radiation to harden it, ensuring its natural appearance has been preserved.

As a result, the patient can resume their regular daily activities immediately after the treatment. Additionally, patients may get pedicures or polish their nails.

Treatment options for the Keryflex Nail Restoration System include:

  • Onychomycosis
  • Nail color issues
  • Splitting and brittle nails
  • Broken nails
  • Needle-like nails
  • Horizontal ridges

There are always fake nails available for purchase at the store. Still, KeryFlex offers numerous noteworthy advantages over those alternatives—particularly for those coping with tenacious nail issues. Here are some reasons why KeryFlex will improve your appearance and, in certain cases, the recovery of your nails.

KeryFlex has a natural look and feel

Acrylic is typically used to make false nails. It is a somewhat stiff, unyielding substance that doesn’t quite look or act like regular nails do. Most of the time, it’s obvious when someone is wearing them.

Contrarily, KeryFlex was created using medical-grade materials and resins to be flexible, strong, and very similar to natural toenails. They are unaffected by polish, so treat them like you would normal toenails. Even so, you can file them like regular nails (although we do not recommend clipping them).

People who see KeryFlex nails are supposed to believe they are regular nails, and you are supposed to feel as though they are your own natural nails.

The KeryFlex application is safe and simple

Acids and other substances are frequently used to apply acrylic nails, irritating the nail bed and exacerbating already damaged underlying nails.

Our practice uses a method for applying KeryFlex that is comparable to bonding a tooth at the dentist’s. The damaged nail is first trimmed and filed down as much as necessary. A resin is next put to the nail before a bonding agent when ready. This material, which we gradually build up and mold into a whole nail, is hardened with ultraviolet light. Once the mold and preparation are finished, a sealer is applied and given one last light cure.

Does it have a slight artistic ring to it? Yes, it is, and we are pleased to have a skilled team of podiatrists ensure that the nails of all of our patients look their best.

Depending on the number of nails that need to be treated and the damage’s severity, the total operation usually takes 30 minutes, give or take. The treatment is painless because no acids or other irritants are used.

Although KeryFlex nails aren’t permanent, they typically only need to be changed every 6 to 8 weeks. Various factors, including how much stress the nails have been through, may affect how long it takes. Suppose long-distance runners have been subjecting their nails to a lot of impact force, for instance. In that case, they may anticipate needing nail replacement sooner compared to others. We might be able to lessen these effects and assist you in maintaining your KeryFlex nails for even longer.

Is KeryFlex the best choice?

For any qualified patient who wants to have clear, natural-looking nails before their real nails mature naturally, we would gladly recommend the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System. They look fantastic and are sturdy and resilient.

As we previously mentioned, toes that experience a lot of repetitive trauma may be more susceptible than other toes to having their KeryFlex nails chip or lift. We’re not advocating stopping your running, but if you experience black damaged toenails as a result of running frequently, changing your footwear may be an answer.

It is also not advised to clip KeryFlex nails, although you are welcome to file them as you choose. Even nail polish can be applied to them without any issues! The nails are designed to resist the effects of sunshine and other tarnishing agents.

The skin is not adhered to by KeryFlex. There should be enough of the original nail left over to act as a base for applying the resin. Typically, around 15% or more of the natural nail should be left.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation session if you have any concerns or are interested in learning more about how KeryFlex Nail Restoration can help you. Please give us a call at 813-877-6636, and we’ll be happy to help. We are conveniently located at 508 South Habana Ave., Suite 230 Tampa, FL.

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