diabetic shoesThose with diabetes have a higher risk of developing foot problems due to the potential damage that can be created by poorly controlled blood sugar.  Poorly controlled blood sugar can negatively affect the nerves and vessels that reach the feet, causing conditions such as neuropathy or poor circulation.  These conditions can make other concerns, such as blisters or athlete’s foot, problematic; neuropathy can hide pain or sensation that would otherwise alert the diabetic of the concern, and poor circulation to the affected area may make it slower to heal.

Among various possible treatments, the right pair of shoes is essential in keeping a diabetic’s feet healthy.  The right pair of shoes for a diabetic can range between different types, such as in-depth shoes and custom-made shoes. In-depth shoes give the wearer an additional amount of depth to make room for inserts or orthotics and accommodate conditions like calluses or hammertoes that can misshape the foot.  Custom-made shoes are molded to the wearer’s foot and may be used if the foot has a deformity. In general, the best diabetic shoes are those that are designed to keep the feet healthy. 

Bayshore Podiatry Center is now offering diabetic shoes through the SureFit diabetic shoe program. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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